Stacked Cabinet System

BOXX™ Stacked Cabinet System is a modular vertical-expansion system designed to accommodate growth and changing environments. There are two types of Stacked Cabinets that are readily available – the Compact Mezze and Platform Mezze.

The Compact Mezze consists of a row of stacked cabinets, with railings and stairs that enable access to a second level of cabinets. The Platform Mezze consists of cabinets stacked into rows with an intermediate shelf cabinet placed between the top and bottom Drawer Cabinets. Walkway support systems with metal grate decking along with railings and stairs are placed for safe and practical access to the second level.

The Stacked Cabinet System is one of the hallmarks of SYSTEMATIC WORKSPACE™ PRODUCTS in that it provides the most storage space in the least amount of floor space possible.

Compact Mezze


Platform Mezze


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