Drawer Enhancement Components

BOXX™ Drawer Enhancement Components gives you more custom choices to the already flexible BOXX™ Drawer Cabinets. You may partition your drawers in whatever way you like, such as placing neat boxes for tiny parts that are easy to lose, or accessories to make it easy to organise larger parts and tools.


Trough Container


Box Container


Metal Slotted Partition


Slotted Partition Divider

Drawer Accessories

BOXX™ Drawer Accessories allows you to have the convenience of storage space inside the drawers. Create space of any size and for the applications required for your tools or parts, right down to unconventional layouts. These drawer accessories make great support to the basic BOXX™ Drawer Cabinets, giving it an even higher degree of flexibility.

Too many choices for accessories, not sure what to choose? Our Technical Sales Personnel will recommend to you options for layouts that may suit your applications.


Please download our product catalogue for more detailed information, thank you.

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