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Product Installation

BOXX™ products (except BOXX™ Hexagon Workstation) are supplied fully assembled and ready to be used upon delivery.

Our customers may also opt for Complete Knockdown Form (CKD) for the product to be assembled on their own. This option is a solution for customers when space is a constraint during transportation, or for warehousing whereby the products would only be required to be assembled later. For CKD, a simple and user-friendly manual would be provided to customers for easy DIY installation.

For even greater stability, you may also request for your BOXX™ products to be anchored to the floor.  We will provide the necessary parts and instructions for easy DIY.

This section contains more detailed information regarding BOXX™ products. You will also have access to demo videos here. Click on the appropriate links to learn more.


Please download our product catalogue for more detailed information.

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